Time/Labor estimates

Time/Labor estimates

                         Estimated time/labor to build pool walls

Pool size                                   Hours                       Number  of workers

16×32 Rect. w/ 2′ R                     5                                              2

18×36 Rect. w/ 2′ R                     6                                              2

20×40 Rect. w/ 2′ R                     7                                              2

16x32x41 Full “L”                        8                                              2

16×32 Kidney                              7                                              2

18×36 Kidney                              8                                              2

20×40 Kidney                              9                                              2

16×32 Roman                              6                                              2

These time estimates do not include footing labor. The Spider Tie system requires the footing to be poured before the walls are built rather than after which is the standard procedure with steel and polymer wall systems. The amount of concrete needed for the footings for the Spider Tie system is typically less than is required for most steel and polymer wall systems. In the case of a plaster finish pool the entire floor system is poured first prior to building the walls. See structural engineered drawings for further explanation.

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