Monolithic Footing and Wall

Monolithic Footing and Wall

Pouring the footing and wall at the same time saves time and money. By incorporating both the “Fast Foot” footing system and the “Spider Tie” wall system together makes this possible. Innovation and change is vital in surviving the present economy. This combination provides an advantage over the competition. No leveling or finishing of the footing required. Everyone knows a monolithic footing and wall has many advantages and is much stronger. Engineering is available. Both systems are a natural fit and very easy to use. Here are list of advantages:

  • Level excavation not required
  • No finishing of the footing
  • One time pour
  • One time pump charges
  • No cold joint between footing and wall
  • Stronger
  • Less labor
  • Less Time
  • Greater¬†profits

Learn more by watching the instructional video found in our video gallery.

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