Spider Tie was invited to Uganda Africa to demonstrate an affordable and much stronger way to build homes using only concrete. The traditional method of construction comprises of a reinforced concrete frame in the form of columns and beams. The area of wall between these supports is typically unreinforced hollow concrete block or brick.

Spider Tie has been asked to come back and help build a model home so the local architects and builders can see a finished product. The approach to forming will be slightly different than what is commonly done in the USA. Instead of plywood, 1×12 wooden planks will be used for the forming materials. All the walls for the single house will be 6″ thick and formed up at the same time in one meter stages. The wood planks will be moved up and then a second  one meter of wall will be poured. This process will continue until the desired height of wall is achieved. Additional vertical rebar at 12″ on center will reinforce the wall at the horizontal cold joints. All corners will be monolithic creating a much stronger structure.  All the walls will be reinforced with 1/2″ rebar at a minimum or 24″ on center each way.

Forming in this manner will also save time and money. The planks for each room will only need to be fitted and cut to length one time. With each consecutive pour the planks will simply be unscrewed and moved up to the next level.


Click here to see project house plans.

Click here to see traditional building methods.

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We will keep you updated as this project progresses.