Spider Tie Dry Advantages

Spider Tie Dry – Advantages

It’s commonly known that forming a concrete wall can be one of the most challenging forming projects associated with concrete construction. For this reason the industry as developed many different types of systems to meet this challenge. There are many excellent systems available, yet the ever greater challenge is to over come the costs associated with the new technology. The Spider Tie concrete wall forming system has successfully met both the challenges; the difficulty of the process and cutting costs.

Spider Tie developed a very low tech way to do this. This new approach is called I.F.S.forming ( Internal Form Supports). The Spider Ties function like “2×6” or “2×8” studs in the wall, providing a surface to attach the plywood to. Since Spider Ties are webbed, the concrete flows through them providing a solid monolithic concrete wall. The design of the Spider Tie is perfectly suited for the hydraulic pressures that exist during the pouring process of the concrete. Great consideration was given so as not to create any weakness in the wall afterward. A similar technology know as I.C.F. (Insulated Concrete forms) has been using a plastic tie process to hold it’s forms together for over 20 years with wonderful success. The advantage of the Spider Tie system is that it is considerably less expensive.


No other forming system can do what the Spider Tie system can do. Here are the advantages the Spider Tie system offers:

  • It costs less than any other system on the market.
  • No big investment to make
  • Form curved walls with ease
  • It’s light and easy to work with
  • Less labor
  • Saves time
  • Simple to learn

Once you use the Spider Tie system you will come to realise the genius is in it’s simplicity. In the construction industry, history has proven time and again that simplicity managed properly produces the best results and the greatest profits.