Affordable Housing

Affordable Concrete housing here in the United States and abroad will always be in demand. The Spider Tie concrete wall forming system offers many unique advantages.

  • Very easy to use
  • It’s low tech and simple to learn
  • The most affordable system on the market
  • Cost of shipping product is considerably less
  • Needs only basic tools to form a wall
  • Works with wood plank as well as plywood
  • Allows you to custom build walls on site
  • Available in 6″and 8″wall thickness (4″system coming soon)
  • Perfect for foundation walls and of course above ground walls

The vast majority of housing through out the world is built out of masonry. Due to the difficulty and cost associated with forming concrete walls, most of these homes are built out of concrete block and or brick. In many cases there is a reinforced concrete frame to strengthen the structure. Unfortunately when there is a natural disaster, the catastrophic failure of these structures results from the un reinforced wall sections of these walls collapsing. Building these homes entirely out of reinforce solid concrete would help eliminate most catastrophic failures. Thus saving human life. Using the Spider Tie approach provides a simple and affordable solution to such a hugh problem. In most cases the cost of construction using the Spider Tie system is no more expensive than building using traditional methods.

Spider Tie has traveled to parts Mexico, Africa and the Philipines to demonstrate the process. In all cases the system was easily explained and taught in less than a hour. Builders in these areas already understood the value of concrete and how to work with it. The only thing that was required was to learn how to use the Spider Tie system. In no time these builders eagerly took hold of the concept and started building walls without the need further instruction.