Advantages over steel, polymer and gunite

Spider Tie Wet – Advantages

Advantages over steel:

  • Spider tie offers both a 6″ and 8″ thick reinforced concrete wall.
  • Each pool wall is designed as a retaining wall.
  • It is not necessary to back fill the pool walls before filling pool with water.
  • You can drain your pool anytime and for as long as you want without any worries of walls moving.
  • A reinforced concrete wall will out last a steel pool wall many times over.
  • A Spider Tie concrete wall will not rust or corrode.
  • But the best advantage is that you can have all these advantages without paying much more than you would for a steel pool wall system

Advantages over polymer:

  • All the same advantages as mentioned above – plus
  • A reinforced concrete wall is several times stronger than a polymer pool wall
  • The Spider Tie concrete pool wall is a monolithic structure (one piece) it will not separate over time
  • Much easier to install
  • Less expensive

Advantages over gunite:

  • The Spider Tie system does not depend on the dirt wall of the hole to serve as part of the forms.
  • Easy to form in all soil conditions, even sand and loose gravel.
  • Concrete is considerably less expensive than gunite
  • Reinforced concrete is stronger
  • No specialized tools needed
  • No specially train crew required
  • Requires about half the amount of re-bar reinforcement
  • Consistent wall thickness
  • Takes less time to build